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At MadKin Beauty, our goal is to help all women feel beautiful. Our professional-grade nail products are crafted of the highest-quality materials and created with the highest safety standards in the industry. Our easy-to-use products empower women around the world to beautifully create their own nails in the safety of their own homes and avoid expensive salons. All our lives are VERY busy, and with our products, whether you are a stay at home mom or have a full time job, you can create the exact mani you are wanting when you want, wherever you want, and just the way you want it! We are always here to help along the way.

Making gorgeous


nails effortless.

Learn how to clean, prep, dip, and refresh your nails with the help of our step-by-step video walkthroughs. Watch as our founder, Natalie, brings you inside the MadKin headquarters to show you our products and how to use them, along with tutorials of the latest nail art trends!

"I love to feel pretty, but some days I have a hard time putting my hair in a decent ponytail and getting my lipstick on straight. If I can use the Madkin Beauty products, everybody can! They're so much fun to use, and Natalie's directions are easy to follow. I'm saving tons of money with these awesome products!"

Alison Crowe

"I am super impressed and will be trying more colors. I was also really impressed with how fast my kit arrived. I will definitely be recommending Madkin Beauty to others!"


"I ordered 6 colors that I couldn’t live without. I’m planning on taking the powders with me to the salon and having them use my own powders. So much cleaner in my point of view."

Morin Nancy

Our passion comes through every product.

All our colors are custom created with TLC and you in mind, and all our products are cruelty-free. Get started by choosing your nail kit that contains all the steps you need for your beautiful manis time and time again. Then, choose your favorite color/colors, and let your creativity flourish.

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