Basic Dipping Kit


Not wanting everything in the Pro Kit but, want the new color and savings with new liquids. This is the kit for you.

Need simple, step-by-step instructions? Read our FAQ to learn more about how to use your dipping kit.

Items Included in Kit:

  • Primer
  • Base Coat
  • Activator
  • AirDry Top Coat
  • 0.5 oz jar of Pure Diamond Acrylic Powder
  • 0.5 oz jar of Colored Acrylic Powder, your choice from selection
  • Orange Stick
  • Instructions

We highly recommend adding our Nail Cleanser to ensure no white, hazy appearance to your finished product.


~ Self leveling

~ Not easily contaminated

~Air Dry Top Coat gives Gel Shine appearance

~ Medium viscosity base coat

~ Low Odor

                                                                     MadKin Dipping Kit Instructions

  1. Wash your hands in warm water & make sure your liquids are at room temp. Glass is a really good insulator & if your liquids are cold, the Top Coat will NOT dry.
  2. Buff all surfaces of your natural nails, removing all the shine, push back the cuticles & clean off all nails with our special formulated Nail Cleanser. (Purchased separately).
  3. Apply Primer (Step 1) to all of your natural nails.
  4. Apply tips at this point if you are going to.
  5. Shake all powders to mix them well due to settlement when stored. One nail at a time, apply a THIN layer of Base Coat (Step 2) to your nail, then slowly dip into our Pure Diamond Clear Powder. Wait for a couple seconds before you dust off the excess with our dust brush. I normally dip one nail, dip another one, then go back to the previous nail and dust it, do another nail & then go back to the previous nail & dust it off. This allows the nail to dry so you don’t get brush ripples in the powder on the nails. Repeat on all of your nails.
  6. Repeat #4 on all nails using the color of choice & apply 2-3 layers of the desired color, then always encapsulate in the Pure Diamond Clear. Encapsulating in clear gives the nail its strength & prevents you from filing of any color or glitter when shaping.
  7. Apply a generous coat of Activator (Step 3) to all nails & wait AT LEAST 4 mins until nails have hardened with no tacky feeling.  This step is VERY IMPORTANT to actually time. The activator MUST have time to soak thru & harden all the layers of acrylic that you have applied. If it does not dehydrate all the way thru, you will have drying issues with the Top Coat.
  8. File, Shape & buff all nails.  Wipe all nails off again with our Nail Cleanser, removing all dust.
  9. Apply another layer of Activator (Step 3). Allow it to dry for about 30 seconds. If a shattered glass look occurs on the finished Top Coat when it is dry, especially medical care providers, you may not need this extra step of activator. Judge accordingly.
  10. Apply an EXTREMELY THIN layer of Air Dry Top Coat (Step 4) to all nails and let dry for about 5 mins. TIME THIS STEP!! If it isn’t fully dry, the next layer of Top Coat you apply for shine will take forever to dry.
  11. Once dry, apply another layer of Top Coat for shine. Add your cuticle oil to nail beds to moisturize & use as needed during the day. Remove with 100% acetone.


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