Cajun Kick Collection


This collection was a fun one to create. All I could think about when mixing the colors were CRAWFISH. Being from the South, you are around a lot of it. So, when coming up with names, I couldn't help but think of New Orleans, LA and all the cajun-french vocabulary. So Ta-Da---Cajun Kick it is.

"Cajun Kick" Collection

Acrylic set include 5 colored acrylic powders

Must shake before each use. Some pigments and glitters may settle.

MadKin's Acrylic Powders are specifically designed for (best) use with our liquids. The acrylic is fine, smooth, and has great flow characteristics. This advanced engineered product has the best qualities of both worlds for both dipping and acrylic (use with monomer) nails. Colors may slightly vary on different devices and monitors depending on your settings.

Our acrylic powders are easy to use and produce a pleasing aesthetic for nail technicians and for personal use.

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Don’t Forget!

Colored dipping powders work best when used with our Primer & BondAid, Base Coat, Activator, AirDry Top Coat, and Pure Diamond Acrylic Powder. Every colored powder is mixed and formulated to work with MadKin’s unique dipping system for best results although they will work with other quality liquids.