Chameleon Fancy Flakes (Blue-Purple Color Shift)


This nail example is a black nail with the flakes placed on with our party wand. The shift in this particular nail shifts  from blue/aqua to purple as your nail is rotated.

These Chameleon Fancy Flakes enhance the elegance of your nails giving them a deep 3D appearance along with a multi-color Shifting effect. Perfect add to any nail making you stand out in any crowd.

Directions- Apply your first 3 layers of dip. After your last application of color, put another base coat on your nail, then use our Party wand to apply the flakes (it helps if you dip your Party Wand in our Nail Cleanser- Do not dip in water or normal 70/30% or 93/70 alcohol. If you use anything that contains water, it will leave a white, hazy appearance on your nail) After you place your flakes on, add your last dip of our Pure Diamond Clear, Then add our Activator and proceed with filing and buffing.

3g jar of Fancy Flakes. You will receive an eye shadow brush for application, but you must have a no-wipe gel topcoat and an LED curing light to apply these correctly.