Pearl Chrome Collection


Pearl Chrome Collection

7- .25 oz Jar and an application sponge

Turn any nail color into a glazed, chrome by adding one of our pearl chrome colors.

Requires a No Wipe Top Coat and an LED curing lamp. For best results, use our Gel Base Coat prior to the Gel Top Coat will help the longevity of the Top Coat.

Directions: When dipping your nails, continue using your Step #2 and Step #3 liquids. Once you have filed and buffed the nails,  apply a thin layer of our Super Sticky Gel Base Coat,  cure for 60-90 secs, then apply our Extreme Shine Gel Top Coat. For best chromed results, only cure our Gel Top Coat for about 15-18 secs and then apply the chrome with a sponge applicator making sure to cover wanted areas, lightly dust, then cure another 60 secs. Add one more final layer of shine with the Gel Top Coat and cure 60-90 Secs.