Too HOTT To Handle Collection


  • Too HOTT To Handle Collection- Don’t wait to get your hands on the summer’s hottest collection, the “Too HOTT To Handle” Collection from Madkin Beauty.  This collection consists of 4 scorching coral shades in which T~W~O  of them G~L~O~W!!!  One of them being our very first GLOW GLITTER! You do not want to miss this one.

Hottie- Our very first GLOW GLITTER! It’s an impressive, peachy, sunset colored glitter with yellow to green shifts that is not just your ordinary, stunning glitter! This Glitter GLOWS!!  Wear it solo or top it over any other color to add an extra glow and be one good lookin Hottie. 

Afterglow-Stand out in any crowd, day or night, because not only is it the perfect peachy, coral color that has a fine, radiant glitter that shines in the sun but, it has the brightest peach glow that even you can barely handle.

Knockout- A deep, rich, coral formulated with the perfect concentration of a sun kissed, golden shimmer that is one knockout of a shade that everyone will be drooling over.

Sizzle- It’s going to be hard to cool off and chill out with this deep, intense, chunky coral glitter.  It has a directional color shift of bright yellow and bold magenta that resembles a blazing HOTT fire. 

Must shake before each use. Some pigments and glitters may settle.

MadKin’s Acrylic Powders are specifically designed for (best) use with our liquids. The acrylic is fine, smooth, and has great flow characteristics. This advanced engineered product has the best qualities of both worlds for both dipping and acrylic (use with monomer) nails. Colors may slightly vary on different devices and monitors depending on your settings.

Our acrylic powders are easy to use and produce a pleasing aesthetic for nail technicians and for personal use.

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Visit our FAQ page for help with any issues, safety precautions, and complete directions on how to use MadKin products.

Don’t Forget!

Colored dipping powders work best when used with our Primer & BondAid, Base Coat, Activator, AirDry Top Coat, and Pure Diamond Acrylic Powder. Every colored powder is mixed and formulated to work with MadKin’s unique dipping system for best results although they will work with other quality liquids.