Our acrylic dip powders are ALL customized colors that you won't find anywhere else and tested to the extreme to provide strong, solid acrylic nails to last for weeks of wear. They are created and perfected to be used with dipping liquids or with monomer, making them a 2 in 1 acrylic powder. Our easy-to-use dipping system is specially formulated to work best with our dipping powder and designed with our customers in mind, making it super simple for anyone to create the perfect mani. The dipping process is all air dry and does NOT require a UV/LED lamp. New color creations are released frequently to keep you ahead of the game and in fashion.
If it's got glitter, it's in this category.  This category has all shapes, sizes, colors mixed in.
These are for anyone. The finer the glitter, the easier it is to work with. This is the category to choose from when you are just starting out dipping or to add just a pop of fun.
Amp up your game and make a statement with a glow in the dark powder. All colors are custom made so I do add my desired amount of glow to them, making them glow no matter what, but the color must be charged by either natural sunlight, daytime lighting and or a LED/UV curing light. The glow is only as good as the amount of time it was charged, but may last longer. Don't be shocked when you wake at night and your glowing.